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    Do you want to be a Business Broker certified by EXITO CUANTICO?

    The Quantum Success Business Broker training program will help the new business broker succeed by providing information about the Business Brokerage profession and the types of inherent skills necessary for success. The program outlines all the steps in the business sales process and each chapter focuses on various topics, from finding a business to sell to closing the deal.
    These knowledge will help you determine if this profession is for you. And, if so, you will now have a roadmap for success.


    Online training

    Through online seminars and the training available within our intranet. They will teach you about topics including: definitions and concepts of commercial brokerage; understanding of financial statements; locate and work with vendors; valuing business; using listing agreements; business pricing and marketing; qualify and work with buyers; negotiating the deal; due diligence; close the transaction; and most importantly, ethics and professional behavior.


    On-site training

    In our central offices where you will learn about our most advanced systems and methodologies for attracting and closing operations. Each chapter of the program is taught by experienced and talented instructors, each with years of experience in their specialized fields. Coaching service. Goal setting, operations monitoring, additional training, etc.

    More than a training

    Éxito Cuantico Academy offers you much more than training, with our face-to-face course you will have the best experts in the business sector and extensive business experience, who will teach you new recruitment techniques, sales closing, management methodologies and business and commercial organization, as well as, everything essential to be practicing a profession and in turn establish a business within consulting companies and entrepreneurs.


    When starting a course with Éxito Cuántico Academy we also offer you a professional career and a portfolio of clients.

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    At your own

    Work on your own taking advantage of knowledge and tools. The knowledge and tools necessary to carry out these buyers and selling labors.

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    Become an Business Broker Freelance

    You can be a Successful Business Broker Agent, working from home with Exito Cuantico as the key to success on this market.

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    Become an Exito Cuántico Affiliate

    You can be a Success Exito Cuántico Business Broker Agent, working from home with Exito Cuantico as the key to success on this market.

    Buying Agreement

    You will be in charge of finding companies / businesses for clients to service Exito Cuantico demands. Brand recognition and joint advertising campaigns

    Open an Affiliate agency

    Open an affiliate agency and take advantage of the benefits of the branding of Exito Cuantico. With more than 25 years of experience, this will guarantee access to a proven, profitable and growing business. Decrease of business risk by going hand in hand with the “Know How” of Successful Exito Cuántico Business Broker.

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