Outdoor Activity Centre With Accommodation in Galicia. Option as “SANTIAGO ROUTE” hostel.

An amazing established farm school & hostel for Sale.

Business located in Pontevedra (a Spanish city in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula), it has a business history of more than 17 years in the Spanish market. It is very located and has hosted many tourism for  the well-known “Camino de  Santiago” Saint James route.

The farm occupies eleven hectares and is very well communicated with the most important population centers of the province. The Center has a 19,375 sqf building, divided into two floors that has all the necessary services to accommodate up to 150 people visiting daily or 110 on a room and board basis. The center has different areas where complementary activities are developed, both recreational-educational and training: playground, leisure area, orchard and greenhouse, aviary, livestock shed, forest area and riverbank. Secure environment. . This highly attractive, growing, and profitable business, with accounts to support, offers a unique holiday experience.

Project aimed at all types of groups and ages (especially children and young people) that offers and facilitates contact with the rural environment. They cover the needs of children to improve their knowledge of the rural world and to get closer to nature. Educational activities, daily leisure and summer camps.

It has a wide range of specific programs aimed at Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education, which we make available to schools.

Space to celebrate birthdays, communion or why not a weekend of leisure in nature

It offers a wide program of summer camps, adaptable in dates and contents according to the ages of the children and their preferences. Transmission Price: € 4,500,000.

FULL DOSSIER ON REQUEST at sales@exitocuantico.com


ASKING PRICE: € 4,500,000 euros

Group of Diverse Kids Learning Environment at Farm